SEDQ prioritizes the search and development of new technological solutions to optimise processes, improve the product and make an effective and sustainable use of its resources, as well as for installation maintenance. Faced with this challenge, the company applies the available technologies to control, modelling of the physical-chemical processes, development and improvement of the products sold and new market requirements.


It supports the continuous development of improvements, new formulas and operations with maximum benefit, with a highly professional technical structure that has leadership skills in the development of new solutions.


All this focused on continuous improvement in Safety, Health and Environmental Protection in all its operations, in line with the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Planta Verde


SEDQ considers environmental protection, the safety of people and its facilities and sustainable development to be key aspects in the development of its business. This commitment is included in its action policy and in the implementation of management systems according to internationally recognised standards and certified by accredited bodies on a national and European level.


The Laboratory and Integrated Management areas deal with the quality of the product manufactured, controlling the environmental vectors identified and complying with Phytosanitary, REACH, CLP and ADR regulations, as well as continuous improvement in our production processes.


The certificates, registers and plans in force for the production centre located in Monzón (Huesca) are:


• Quality Management System certificate according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001
• Environment System certificate according to UNE-EN ISO-14001
• Occupational Safety Management System certificate according to UNE-EN ISO-45001
• Integrated Environmental Authorisation by INAGA.


SEDQ has established the organizational modality of prevention by means of a concert for the provision of preventive service of the four specialties of Occupational Safety, Occupational Hygiene, Ergonomics and Psychosociology at Work and Medicine at work, as provided for in the Protection of Occupational Risks and the Prevention Service.


Regarding the environment, SEDQ acts according to the principle of conserving resources and minimizing waste, spillage and emissions according to the best available techniques, ensuring that the highest possible level of environmental protection is achieved. In accordance with the integrated management system, the most significant environmental impacts are analysed and monitoring and improvement programs are developed to minimize them.


SEDQ firmly believes in its contribution towards generating value for society using a model of responsible, sustainable, balanced and time-enduring development and growth.

SEDQ contributes towards the economic and social development of the community and is involved in the encouraging ties to strength the company’s relationship with its environment, respecting and promoting human rights from our area of influence.


The company’s activities and strategy include social responsibility and action, environmental care and protection and sustainable development, which form part of our identity.


Likewise, SEDQ promotes the development of Corporate Social Responsibility policies and works on promoting the meeting of the goals and the spirit of the “Responsible Care” programme.