Much more

than a

reliable partner

Our commitment to innovation begins with conceptualising new pest-treatment systems and methods. Our R&D department is constantly 
searching for new products. The result is know-how that drives us to collaborate, contributing knowledge or developing tailored solutions with the most prominent companies and institutions in the national and international markets.


SEDQ offers much more than pheromones, attractants, or chemical formulations. In fact, we offer knowledge and experience. That is what has opened the doors for us to work hand in hand with large companies, institutions, and public organizations across the world.


We understand collaboration as a process of mutual enrichment, because it allows us develop effective solutions for our collaborators and, at the same time, obliges us to constantly set ourselves new challenges.

SEDQ is a member and founder of the IBMA association

(International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association).

SEDQ is part of the Task Force for registering active ingredients,

pheromones and pheromone compoundsin the European Union.